Eden on the balcony

Édenkert a teraszon

A balcony or terrace can be great during the summer, there you can enjoy the sunshine without having to go to the beach and you can be close to nature. But you can’t really use it from autumn to spring – it is just there, unused, covered with leaves and the dirt of pigeons until summer comes.

Enjoy the comfort of your balcony all year!

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be, if you could use your balcony or terrace not only in the summer, but throughout the whole year? If you create a winter garden on it, you can sit down there and enjoy some sunshine any season. You can delight in the beauty of your plants, which revive in the winter garden. Winter garden gives you an “additional room” without enlarging your apartment.

Winter garden construction, from the first steps to the last

You can entrust our company with the entire process of creating a winter garden, from the first step (measurements) to the last (installation). With the complete project in one hand, there is no possibility for mistakes, and the new “room” of your apartment can be ready in as much as two weeks. You can create a winter garden not only in your home, but also in your office of café. This way even your customers will feel better when visiting you and you can accommodate more customers even during the cold season. If you want a beautiful and practical winter garden, contact us now and request a free quote and visualization plan!